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When choosing Norsigian Law Office, PLLC as your legal representation – you are getting 30 years of legal counsel experience along with it. Licensed in both Illinois and Missouri, we have taken cases that ranged from workers’ compensation to business law. We can proudly and confidently say that we are the attorneys to represent you throughout the Cahokia Illinois area best. The burdens and stresses of litigation can often be overwhelming for people – which is why we do our best to simplify things for our clients and ease the stressors as best as we can. Stop in today for a free consultation and expert legal advice!

Business Law Cahokia, IL

As your business law attorneys, we counsel you on numerous legal inquiries about your business and make sure that you sustain your responsibility to your corporation. Other than that, we handle financial transactions and do your negotiations for you. Additionally, we draft and review any future contracts or agreements you may have.

Given that a corporation is a legal entity, the state of Illinois allows for your company to be sued or you to sue others. When we aren’t ensuring that your corporation is within state and federal guidelines, we represent your corporation to the best of our abilities. Often taking on cases of disgruntled employee contracts or a worker’s compensation trial and having much success in the process.

When dealing with business law, there is nobody better than Hrant Norsigian Jr., who sustained a $4.271 million commercial litigation verdict in Jackson County, MO – one of the Top Ten Verdicts in Missouri. Whether you are looking to establish a team for your business law attorney roster, or need a legal expert verifying you are within regulations – Norsigian Law Office is your best option for legal representation.

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Corporate Legal Advice in Cahokia Illnois
Personal Injury Legal Advice in Cahokia Illinois

Personal Injury Attorney Cahokia, IL

Injuries happen at work. Sometimes it is self-inflicted other times it is not. However, if you were injured at work and the fault was not yours, then call us today for a free consultation. Our legal advice is to file an injury claim for any persons who have been physically or mentally injured. When working on your personal injury case, we look for two factors: liability and damages.

The first stage in any personal injury case is determining who is liable for your injury. It could be another worker, the company’s negligence, or possibly a freak accident. That is the point of the process. To figure out who is responsible for your work-related injury.

After determining who is liable for your accident, then we begin assessing the damages. We take into account medical bills, physical therapy sessions, and even potential missed work due to your injury. We can honestly say that too often, we hear about personal injury victims taking settlements that barely cover medical bills. With us, that is never the case.

At Norsigian Law, we know your worth. And more importantly, appreciate it. That is why we fight for better compensation when you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

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Probate & Estate Administration Attorney Cahokia, IL

Hiring Norsigian Law as your probate attorneys is essential to ensure the wishes of your will are granted. We advise personal representatives, executors, and beneficiaries of the will on how to settle the decedent’s final affairs. Sometimes the process can seem like an impossible task if no will was drawn up, but we want to assure you that we are prepared for anything and handle everything. We specialize in the administration of asset distribution. Our probate services:

  • Validating will
  • Mediating disputes over assets between beneficiaries
  • Paying & settling all taxes and outstanding debts
  • Asset inventory
  • Distributing remaining assets on behalf of the decedent
  • Drafting & filing necessary documents

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Probate and Estate Legal Advice near Cahokia Illinois
Estate Planning Legal Advice Around Cahokia Illinois

Estate Planning Attorney Cahokia, IL

Being a homeowner or an owner of any asset is a significant responsibility. It is comforting in owning your own home, but what happens to it if something happens to you? Therefore, we recommend retaining an estate planning attorney who can ensure that if something were to happen to you, your loved ones would be taken care of. Passing down your assets isn’t that simple – it needs to be legally verifiable.

At Norsigian Law Office, we understand the seriousness of estate planning. One typo or illegible signature can result in an impending mess. We recommend an estate planning attorney because word of mouth doesn’t hold up in a court of law. While it may seem simple enough determining who is entitled to your assets and what portion they are allotted, without the proper legal documents, it isn’t eligible. This means the money you avoided in spending to properly plan your estate’s future, is now being spent on fixing the problem that avoidance created.

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Additionally, as your estate lawyer, we can help moderate any complicated family or financial situations for you. If one of these situations applies, we recommend you seek an estate planning attorney sooner than later.

  • You own a business (or more)
  • You own real estate
  • You have minor children
  • Recently divorced
  • Second marriage (or later)
  • Recently lost a spouse or family member
  • You want to leave some of your estate to charity
  • You have substantial assets in 401(k) or IRAs

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