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Business law (also referred to as “Corporate Law”) is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations, and businesses. In short, business law is the legal practice relating to all types of business entities – corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. It encompasses the configuration, financial support, control, and dissolution of these entities.

As business law professionals, we are trained in the legal formation of these entities. We advise businesses on the pros and cons of the various business entities, their various legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. With Norsigian Law Office, we are here to counsel you on any legal questions or needs you have, handle your purchase or sale of a business, and draft and review all types of contracts.

In the eyes of the law, limited liability companies and corporations are separate legal entities – separate from their owners. Because of this, if the entity is created and maintained properly, the owners’ personal assets are protected from liabilities of the company. To maintain this key advantage of limited liability, corporations and liabilities must abide by certain rules and formalities. At Norsigian Law, we advise our clients to maximize this limited liability to protect their personal assets. We also handle most related issues including employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, contracts with vendors, and various types of contract disputes.

Starting a Business

Although working with a lawyer can be intimidating, it is vital when you are starting a business. Ensuring all your legal requirements are satisfied is an important task. In the simplest terms, business startups need an attorney to help them effectively deal with the government, third parties, the public, and each other. Norsigian Law ensures that your business entity is properly formed. It is also essential that you take reasonable steps to control risk management associated with customers, suppliers, employees, and the general public. Finally, if there are other owners of the company, it is best to establish the owner’s rights, obligations, and expectations upfront to avoid trouble down the road.

Business Law Attorney O'Fallon IL

Buying or Selling a Business

Throughout the years, Norsigian Law has helped many clients purchase businesses. In many cases, an Asset Purchase is best, but in some cases, a stock purchase or member interest purchase may be appropriate. A thorough discussion of the pros and cons of each type of purchase or sale is essential.

Norsigian Law Office is more than happy to offer legal aid and counseling for potential business startups, business owners, and business purchases/sales. Call us today for a free consultation about how we can ensure your business is operating within the law and properly protecting your personal assets. When you are ready to form a business entity, purchase or sell a business, hire an employee, or negotiate a contract – give your trusted attorney a call.