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If you are in the litigation process in the Fairview Heights, IL area, Norsigian Law, PLLC can assist you. Whether you need a business lawyer to ensure all federal and state regulations are maintained or suffered a work injury and need your proper compensation – we are the attorneys for you. With over 35 years of experience representing clients, we guarantee that we are the finest legal representation you can obtain in the community. We are licensed to practice in Illinois and Missouri.

Business Law Fairview Heights, IL

Business law is the glue that keeps the company together and intact. As your business law attorneys, we would advise you on your numerous amounts of legal advice and questions about your business, and any responsibility you, as an employer, have. We handle your financial transactions and negotiations and draft and review any future contracts and agreements you have.

Aside from counseling and ensuring that your corporation stays within federal and state-regulated guidelines – we also keep you protected. Since a corporation is a legal entity, state law allows the capability of being sued. Whether you are fighting a worker’s compensation legal battle or an employment contract dispute, our business law attorneys ensure that you are represented by the finest litigation team in Fairview Heights, IL.

When it comes to business law, there is nobody better than Hrant Norsigian Jr., who sustained a $4.271 million commercial litigation verdict in Jackson County, MO – one of the Top Ten Verdicts in Missouri. Whether you are looking to establish a team for your business law attorney roster, or just need a legal expert verifying you are within regulations – Norsigian Law is your best option for legal representation.

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Corporate Law Attorney near Fairview Heights Illinois
Personal Injury Lawyer in the Fairview Heights IL Area

Personal Injury Lawyer Fairview Heights, IL

Personal injury law entails a litigation process seeking to protect victims who were injured due to another person or business. You can file a personal injury claim for any persons who have been either physically or mentally harmed.

When Norsigian Law works on personal injury cases, the two essential factors, in any case, are liability and damages. Whatever injury you may have had or was caused by said scenario, was in part at the fault of the defendant. During the liability stage, we build our case based on the premise that the defendant was legally responsible for your accident resulting in an injury. Once we can prove that they are liable for your injury, we move on to stage two – damages.

During the damages process, we are assessing the extent of your injury and the potential damage that plays in your everyday life due to the defendant’s actions or negligence. With us as your personal injury attorney, we fight to prove that you are incurring more than just injuries, but also medical bills, loss of work equating to less money, etc.

Too often, we see personal injury disputes settled at medical bills and expenses. Too often, we see injured workers or pedestrians be affected by an accident, but due to inferior legal representation – justice wasn’t served, i.e. compensation packages. After all, it wasn’t your fault you were injured. Step one (liability) proves that step two is all about making you come out of this accident/legal battle whole again, much like you were before the said incident.

At Norsigian Law, we know your worth. And more importantly, appreciate it. That is why we fight for better compensation when you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

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Probate & Estate Administration Lawyer Fairview Heights, IL

As your probate attorney, we advise personal representatives, executors, and beneficiaries of the estate on how to settle the final affairs of the decedent. Whether or not there is a will, we have the experience and knowledge on probate law to bring your case to a successful ruling. We specialize in the administration of asset distribution. Our probate duties:

  • Validating will
  • Mediating disputes over assets between beneficiaries
  • Paying & settling all taxes and outstanding debts
  • Asset inventory
  • Distributing remaining assets on behalf of the decedent
  • Drafting & filing necessary documents

These cases are never easy and straight-forward; given the circumstances it is understandable. The stress can be overwhelming, especially during a time of grieving. We make it our mission to bring your case to a speedy result with minimal added stress to the burden. However, complex your case may be, we provide compassionate and considerate probate administration at cost-effective fees.

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Probate and Estate Planning Around Fairview Height Illinois
Estate Planning Lawyer Fairview Heights IL

Estate Planning Attorney Fairview Heights, IL

Sometimes we never really consider it, but if you own a home, car or life insurance plan, you have an “estate” and if that is the case, you need a plan and a lawyer.

At Norsigian Law, we want you to understand that estate planning is a serious business. One missing document or faulty signature can impact the entire will or trust. Estate lawyers are necessary, especially since state laws rule estate plans. So, it is best for you to get a licensed professional!

When dealing with wills, trusts or financial power of attorneys, each state has restrictions on who can and can’t serve as a personal representative, trustee or attorney. Each state also has different formalities on who can witness a will, trust or power of attorney, etc. What works in Florida may not work in Illinois and to avoid this simple, yet costly mistake, our first piece of advice would be to seek legal counsel.

We understand that it can be tough paying for services that essentially help you establish a plan of what to do with your assets when the time comes. Believe us, we know. But we want you to understand that a DIY estate plan isn’t legally valid and may not work the way you had hoped. As a result, thousands of dollars will be spent on a licensed estate planning attorney to fix your mistakes. Don’t let your negligence lead to unnecessary costs for your loved ones!

Additionally, as your estate lawyer, we can help moderate any complex family or financial situations for you. If one of these situations applies, we recommend you seek an estate planning attorney sooner than later.

  • You own a business (or more)
  • You own real estate
  • You have minor children
  • Recently divorced
  • Second marriage (or later)
  • Recently lost a spouse or family member
  • You want to leave some of your estate to charity
  • You have substantial assets in 401(k) or IRAs

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